Join us at for a Parkinson's Symposium at JFK Medical center, Tuesday April 29th, 2014 8:30am - 3pm.

Thank you for everyone's donations and support of the APDA NJ chapter first annual Optimism Walk/run. We also thank our board members and volunteers for all their hard work in making this event happen.

The APDA NJ Chapter would like to announce an education event being held on November 20th at 5:30 pm at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in the Clinical Academic Building 125 Paterson Street, New Brunswick, NJ. There will be physician and patient speakers discussing various treatments of Parkinsons Disease and their experiences. Light refreshments will be served. Please call 732-803-0389 to register.

Please keep an eye out in your local health club for our "Push-ups for Parkinsons Disease Contest"

The APDA NJ Chapter is proud to announce that it has been reestablished. The Chapter is now fully operational. The board members are as follows:

Allan Bleich - President
Rob DiTota - Vice President
Catherine Furnbach - Treasurer
Helen Hunter - Secretary

Board members:

Ann Harwick
Myra Hirschhorn
Andrew McGarry, MD
Ross Schiau
Ken Steadman
Barbara Ringk
Frank Gaffney
Brian Wahler

Medical Advisors:

Lawrence Golbe, MD
Movement Disorders Specialist
Robert Wood Johnson University Hosptial

Fiona Gupta, MD
Movement Disorders Specialist
North Jersey Brain and Spine

Amy Colcher, MD
Movement Disorders Specialist

Our INR Center and chapter is fully operation and will be providing the Parkinson's Community with the most comprehensive education, information, and updates on Parkinson's Disease. Stay tuned for more information coming soon!!

Rob DiTota